Kilimohai OrganicTM is the standard mark of Organic Certification in Kenya. Having it means that the product has been certified under East Africa Organic Products Standards. The mark of certification applies for Agricultural Inputs, Fresh and Dried farm produce and processed food product
The East Africa organic Standards contains guidelines that outline what is allowed and not allowed in organic production with the East African territory. The Kenya Organic Agriculture Network holds the ownership
of the mark and anyone certified organic within the country must seek authorization from KOAN to use the mark on their packaged product. This control use of the mark and provides clarity on who can use the mark.


Kilimohai Organic stands for naturally produced agricultural crops, which are produced without chemicals. Thanks to the certification process involved, products labelled with the Kilimohai label guarantee organic quality – which otherwise is not ensured.


Kilimohai Organic represents Trust, Quality, and Guarantee. All Kilimohai Organic products are grown using natural methods without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and GMOs, ensuring that you can trust in the purity and safety of our products. Our commitment to quality extends from the farm to your plate, with strict adherence to the highest standards of excellence. And, as certified organic under the East Africa Organic Products Standards, you can be assured that every Kilimohai product can be traced back to the producer, providing a guarantee of authenticity and organic integrity. Choose Kilimohai for a truly organic experience.



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Kilimohai Organic implies that not agricultural crops are not only grown without chemical inputs but that their production process is reviewed and verified by special inspectors, making sure that the produced crops comply with the KILIMOHAI ORGANIC production standard.

If you are interested to shift towards organic production, study the certification section of the site and contact us when considering to become an organic farmer.